Project Type: Industrial

Vertical Conveyor

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Project Information Coastal River provided on-site Installation and Start-up supervision of a 82 meter rise Vertical Conveyor in Malaysia.  The flexible sidewall belt was supplied endless requiring careful “stringing” through a 110 meter tall structure.  Conveyor feeds iron ore pellets at a design rate of 425 TPH; manufactured by Kinder-Morgan Engineering & Conveying.

Steam Heating and Piping

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Project Information Coastal River served a pork skin snack product manufacturer by engineering the steam process piping design for their new steam cooking facility. Complex control requirements necessitate the fitting of additional pressure control valving to allow turn-down to owner’s proprietary specifications. Ancillary designs included a steam-heating loop for USDA compliant hot wash-down water, steam ...

Process Plant Engineering

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Project Information A Coastal River client provides proprietary process plant technology for world-wide locations. Our principal engineer has provided extensive mechanical engineering services to this client for plants located in Mexico, Trinidad, Qatar, Russia, Malaysia, Egypt, Oman and India. As the process involves high temperature thermal processing, the engineering scope has included alloy component specification, ...

Biomass Fuel Unloading System

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Project Information Coastal River Engineering assisted a local co-generation facility undergoing a conversion from coal to co-firing to re-engineer their new wood chip unloading facility. Local water table issues made the originally designed 30 foot deep Truck Dumping Station prohibitively expensive. As Mechanical Lead on the project, our engineering team was able to successfully collaborate ...

Airport Baggage Handling Systems

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Project Information Coastal River Engineering has guided standard structural engineering since 2006 for a major client who installs TSA-compliant baggage handling systems in airports throughout North America. Engineering services primarily involve supervision of structural support engineering for elevated (or “hung”) conveyor sections. Estimated Project Value Typical projects range from hundreds to several thousand feet in ...

Biomass Fuel Transfer

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Project Information A former coal-fired cogeneration plant required a “temporary” fuel transfer conveyor from its new wood yard to be re-fitted after a 6-month period. This “temporary” conveyor operated as designed for 2 years, after which the plant implemented permanent fuel yard designs, which incorporated the “temporary” conveyor into permanent usage. This unit handles 50-60 ...