Project Type: Residential

High-Efficiency Waterfront Home

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Project Information Coastal River Engineering provided guidance to a client building a 3800 SF, multi-story home on Intra-Coastal Waterway in utilizing sprayed foam insulation throughout the structure to ensure superior thermal performance. The Building Department required a review of the HVAC design to mitigate concerns about the potential lack of humidity control. Our recommendations led ...

Residential Inspections

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Project Information Coastal River Engineering prepared reports for multiple clients on non-permitted additions to homes, which included frame construction additions to manufactured housing. Site inspections, field measurement of construction, and designs were performed to allow the homeowner to begin repairs. All projects received the required permits and certification by building officials. Estimated Project Value Ranged ...

Structural Modifications

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Project Information We are often called in to assess residential structural issues. For example, after a local homeowner’s request for modifications to a closet space resulted in the removal of a load-bearing wall and inadequate redistribution of load, Coastal River was consulted to assess the situation and recommend a remedy. We discovered that the roof ...