Our History

Coastal River Engineering was founded in 2004 as Coastal River Technologies to support the development of novel recycling technology, embodied in our patent-pending “Eco-Shred” product line. Co-owner and founder, Jim Lewis, Jr., comes from an aggressively innovative background with dozens of patents on energy efficient material technologies. Jim has led CRT to evolve into a broader platform of consulting services and equipment sales/service. By 2009, CRT had sold nearly $3 million in capital equipment, fielded inquiries for several large, international projects, and supplied services from North Carolina to Malaysia in sectors including steel, foundry, power generation and recycling.

Emerging from the 2008-2009 global recession with a need to grow in new areas, we changed our name to Coastal River Engineering, PLLC and began to focus on professional engineering services in the Coastal Carolina area. In 2016, Coastal River performed over 100 engineering projects, with an increased staff of 8 full and part time engineers & designers. Our reputation remains solid with long-term clients and with local permitting authorities.

Since 2004, Coastal River Engineering has defined innovation and integrity in its business areas by holding steadfast to core principles of long-term relationships, high-integrity dealings, and the delivery of value to customers. Our business has enjoyed repeat business from multiple clients who recognize our principles.

By 2020, Coastal River Engineering seeks to grow consulting engineering revenues 5-fold, build up and to maintain project commissioning staff and facilities, and be leading development of 3-5 new product directions. CRE further seeks to launch Eco-Shred as a separate company with minimum 20 system sales & partner with manufacturers for essential, proprietary components.