The Path to Productivity

Innovation is a way of life at Coastal River Engineering as evidenced by the over 70 US and International patents issued to our Principal Engineer, Mr. Jim Lewis Jr. We believe innovation is one of the key paths to increased productivity. Our approach is to look at every problem as an opportunity to create a better solution. Our philosophy is to not assume that the best is what is at hand, but push for better than the status quo and gain new ground.

Over the course of his career, Jim Lewis has been involved in many innovative endeavors always with a focus on “How to accomplish a process goal better…faster…cheaper?” Major initiatives covered by Mr. Lewis’s patents include improved techniques for recycling and reusing foundry sand, shortening heat treatment cycles for metal parts, higher quality reclamation of fly ash for use in cement, and combining separate processes into one efficient system.

Patent Services

While there is no replacement for a good patent attorney, Coastal River Engineering can help inventors in their efforts to innovate and achieve fruitful patents. Our services can provide benefits such as:


  • An objective viewpoint to sort out the truly inventive and valuable aspects of your efforts
  • A well-organized approach for developing, executing and measuring designs
  • Foster and guide the creative process
  • Managing what can often be complex research and experimentation
  • Act for you within strict confidentiality agreements
  • Provide your invention with necessary engineering, design and code compliance
  • Should you need our assistance in your own invention process, we will deliver solid results and measurable outcomes, all while maintaining the highest ethical framework.

Issued Patents

From the Great Mind of P.E. Jim Lewis

  • US 8002211, 8353473, 9375721 – Scrap material shredding and compressing apparatus & system
  • US 6217317, 6336809, 6547556 – Combination Conduction/Convection Furnace
  • US 6672367, 6910522 – Heat Treatment & Sand Removal for Castings
  • US 6622775 – Assisting Removal of Sand Moldings from Castings
  • US 6901990 – Method & System for Processing Castings
  • US 6457425 – Combustion of Residual Carbon in Fly Ash