Biomass Fuel Unloading System

Woody Biomass 2
Biomass System 1

Project Information

Coastal River Engineering assisted a local co-generation facility undergoing a conversion from coal to co-firing to re-engineer their new wood chip unloading facility. Local water table issues made the originally designed 30 foot deep Truck Dumping Station prohibitively expensive. As Mechanical Lead on the project, our engineering team was able to successfully collaborate with site staff and equipment manufacturers to re-configure the layout of this system in order to mount the truck dumper on a shallow foundation with excavation no more than 2-3 feet below grade. We also designed a new transfer tower, ancillary structure and new foundations for all equipment.

Estimated Project Value

This effort reportedly saved an estimated $750,000 to $1,000,000 in construction costs.


Biomass Fuel Conveyor Engineering