We are a small team of home-office based professionals intending to deliver Cost Effective, "Good Enough" engineered plans geared to meet the needs of small businesses and budget-strapped plant operation and maintenance staff. We are not seeking awards, just an honest profit serving people like us who are trying to run a business.

We promote the highest ethical standards in all business dealings.  Our team has nearly 200 years of experience in thousands of projects. Give us a call!

Light Commercial

  • Structural Design - Foundations, Buildings
  • HVAC, Plumbing, Renewable Energy
  • High Wind & Seismic Design
  • Wood, Steel, Concrete & Masonry


Commercial & Municipal

  • New Construction Design — HVAC, Plumbing, Energy Efficiency

  • Engineering — Thermal Envelope, HVAC, Lighting Buildings and Foundation Design

  • High Wind & Seismic Design

  • Steel, Concrete, Masonry, & Timber Commercial Construction

  • Up-fit/Renovation Designs, Layout

  • Inspections (if within 1.5 hour drive of a team member)

  • HVAC Modifications

Industrial - Facility Maintenance & Small Capital Projects

  • Materials Handling—Mechanical & Pneumatic
  • Bulk Materials—Sorting, Sizing & Drying
  • Fluid Handling—Pipes, Pumps & Filtration
  • Air/Gas Handling—Fans, Ducts & Dust Collection
  • Heat Process & Recovery
  • Equipment & Process Troubleshooting
  • Project Engineering & Construction Management
  • Equipment Specification & Requisition
  • Field Engineering & Commissioning
Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
MEP Engineering
Engineering Design
HVAC Engineering

Industrial Equipment Solutions

We have wide experience with several types of process plants, and have worked with or around many types of equipment. Consult with us on your process plant expansion or re-tooling. We will identify the best available technology for the agreed-upon process flow, and help you with specifications, designs and procurement:


  • Equipment layout, foundations, structures, mechanical, piping, controls & instrumentation

Bulk material handling systems

  • Overland, marine terminal, transload, stacker/reclaimer, vertical/high-angle, curved, pneumatic, bucket elevators

Vibratory process equipment

  • Feeders, conveyors, screens, shakeouts, milling, cooling, heating, separation

Industrial Heat process equipment

  • Ovens, furnaces, dryers, incinerators, fluid beds, and related material handling

Foundry equipment

  • Sand reclamation, heat treatment, molding & mixing

Dust collection

  • Bag filters, ventilation, cyclones, etc.

Recycling equipment

  • Pulverizing, sorting & separation, handling

Recycling Equipment & Systems

  • Metals (Shredder Systems, Sorting)
  • C&D - Construction/Demolition
  • MSW - Municipal Solid Waste
  • Foundry Sand


  • Installation/commissioning

Industries Serviced

  • Bulk solid fuel handling for Power Generation
  • Marine bulk terminals and facilities
  • Forestry products/wastes
  • Mining, Minerals & Aggregates
  • Foundries, Metal casters
  • Iron, steel and other primary metal production
  • Metal, plastic, paper and other secondary recycling
  • Construction & Demolition recycling
  • Municipal Solid waste
  • Commercial/Industrial building
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Other materials industries